📣 WAX DeFi Epoch 36 Started!

#⃣ Previous WAX DeFi Stats:

🔹Total WAXP burned: 53.49M ($3,886,743)
🔹Epoch Rewards distributed: 467K ERC20 WAXP ($33,933)
🔹Epoch 35 APR: ~3.16%

ℹ️ Participants of the previous epoch can now claim their ETH or WAXP rewards directly from https://waxdefi.io by signing in with their WAX Cloud Wallet.

PRO TIP: Rewards are accumulated & can be claimed at any time. Don’t waste ETH on gas fees!

ℹ️ Read all about the latest WAX DeFi Updates here: https://medium.com/wax-io/coming-to-wax-a-new-wax-tokenomic-model-cd0616a069e9

Don’t miss out; Stake before the new epoch begins & earn rewards: https://go.wax.io/DeFi