**Monday @Moderator Appreciation Post** 🎉

Today we wanted to take this opportunity to send a **HUGE THANK YOU** to our amazing VeeFriends Discord Moderators who volunteer time out of their day dedicated to ensuring that our server is a safe and thriving environment for everyone to come to from across the world to share knowledge, daily check-ins, hangout, and ultimately have a place where they can feel welcome and at home.

Being a moderator for a server of this size is no easy task and takes a lot of patience, empathy, and compassion as well as decisiveness, knowledge, and dedication. Our Mod Squad is constantly monitoring the discord to ensure active channels such as #general are a welcoming place for new members, as well as engaging and thriving for current members. They are our eyes and ears and share insights, and community feedback, and also protect our community from scam posts, bots, and other malicious attempts to harm our server.

**Special Shoutout to all the VF Mods below:**

@CrystalGroves.eth 🐟 @davidbridgeman @davide4217 @Jody @kashvi 🦉 @Matt03 @NFTKatie @thomasmeyerhere.eth

**Reminder to Follow Discord Server** <#836670243526541362>

In order to ensure the VeeFriends Discord is a thriving and welcoming environment for current and new members, it is important that we remind everyone of the rules and note that breaking of these rules will not be tolerated. Multiple offenses will also lead to escalated consequences. This is extremely important to us to ensure our server remains welcoming and productive for all members.

__Here are some important rules with their punishments:__

**-**Misleading Users will result in a 1 week timeout if continuous
**-**Spamming / Shilling results in a timeout / possible ban
**-**In person threats is an automatic 3 month ban
**-**Arguing with other users will result in a 1 hour timeout if continues after being asked to stop

Since tone can be lost in Discord, please reframe from “joking” in relation to the above, as we will take all offenses very seriously for the safety of our community (or if you are aware someone may misunderstand you, please put #joke at the end to create full clarity).

**One final reminder**: __The Mods, as well as GaryVee & The VeeFriends team will NEVER add or DM you on discord!__

Thank you for reading this whole announcement, head to <#837094459140603954> chat and thank the mods!