**Lots of announcements came out today in VeeFriends land, so here are the top 5 news of the day!**

__1__. Gift Goat #10 NFT Art Revealed on a Twitter Spaces with Esports superstar Bugha

__2__. The surprise gift for 2022 VeeCon international attendees who did not participate in the @OnRallyRd partner activation is starting to arrive! If you claimed during the claim window, you will receive email tracking when they ship!

__3__. VeeCon Exclusive Hotel Key Cards! With all of the amazing hotel options for VeeCon 2023, VeeFriends is thrilled to announce custom VeeCon 2023 hotel key cards. All guests who book a room at any of our seven VeeCon 2023 affiliated locations will receive the designed key card upon check-in!

__4__. Announcing VeeCon Community Stage! Community is at the core of VeeFriends. We are excited to announce the VeeCon Community Stage, a dedicated stage built and integrated into the VeeCon festivities to offer community members who are leaders in their fields a spotlight to shine on the first day of VeeCon 2023.

__5__. VeeCon.Co Site update! Speakers now show social handles and FAQ has been updated with more FAQs!

*TLDR? Set your reminders to join our Weekly 5,5 @5:55 Spaces Recap!*