<:UFCStrike:933455015450906634> UFC Strike Fans! **The waiting room for the PRIDE FC Pack drop is now OPEN!**

<:PRIDEFCpackdrop:1088883572888322078> This drop is gated, you must own at least three (3) UFC Strike Moment NFTs to be eligible to buy a Pack, limit one (1) pack per collector for first 30 minutes, then Collectors may purchase additional packs while supply is still available. The queue opens today, . (Time shown is converted to your local time zone.)

<:PRIDEFCpack:1090702462425510048> Be sure to join the waiting room in the next 30 minutes before the queue begins to reserve your spot in line: https://ufcstrike.com/packs/180

👉 As a reminder, **you must own at least three (3) UFC Strike Moment NFTs to be able to join the gated queue.**

🚨 **Pack Drop Prep Tips:**
> ▫️ For collectors accessing the Pack drop on a mobile device, be sure to have the waiting room page pulled up on your phone when the queue opens in order to receive your randomized place in line.
> ▫️ Please ensure you only have one device, browser, and tab open when trying to complete the Pack Drop. Additionally please ensure you are the only person using this device to attempt to purchase.
> ▫️ We recommend using a regular internet browsing session to access the Pack drop queue. Collectors using private internet browsing may lose their spot in line if the private browsing session is closed.
> ▫️ We recommend that your device and browser are both up to date, and to allow for pop-ups and cookies on whatever browser you are using to join the queue.
> ▫️ We recommend signing into your dapper wallet before joining the waiting room to avoid the extra step of signing into your account during checkout.

🛠️ Please note, @everyone the Marketplace will be closed for the Pack drops and reopened after completion. We will update you all in <#960699335790698576> when the Marketplace is back up and running.

➡️ For more details about the PRIDE FC Pack Drop, visit the blog @here: <https://blog.ufcstrike.com/posts/pride-fc-packs>

💢 See you in the Octagon.