<:UFCStrike:933455015450906634> UFC Strike Fans! UFC heads back to Miami for the first time in 20 years for UFC 287! The card features the rematch of former Middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya

📝 Here is a quick recap of the last week:


▫️ **Tuesday**: The UFC San Antonio Challenge finished up with a total of 1,537 completions.

▫️ **Thursday**: The Holly Holm UFC Strike Signed Merch Giveaway winners were announced, and the Raffle winners will shipped their signed merch in the coming weeks.

▫️ **Thursday**: The UFC San Antonio Pick’em Winners were airdropped their Packs. To check out the raffle results, visit the #🗳️•pickem-giveaways channel.

▫️ **Thursday**: We held Flash Giveaways to win a Tapped Base Pack in the UFC Strike General and Champion Club Discord channels. To view the winners of the Flash Giveaways, check out the <#1091114512532394054> channel.

▫️ **Friday**: The PRIDE FC Hybrid Challenge was announced, giving collectors a chance to earn a Fandom Moment of Takanori Gomi.

▫️ **Friday**: The UFC 286 and UFC San Antonio Challenge Moments were distributed to collectors. To view the Yanal Ashmouz or Umar Nurmagomedov Fandom Moments, head over to the Marketplace or check out your NFT Page here: <https://ufcstrike.com/v2/marketplace>.

▫️ **Friday**: The first Champion Club Airdrop of 2023 was delivered to Collectors who owned at least 1 Champion Tier Moment NFT. To view the Minotauro Nogueira or the Shogun Rua Challenger Moment, visit your NFT page or browse the Marketplace @ here: <https://ufcstrike.com/v2/marketplace>

<:cc:989295577621729321> **Champion Club Members**: The complimentary ticket interest form has been posted for **UFC Charlotte in North Carolina on 5/13**. If you are interested in attending, head over to the <#1082458025887006760> channel and fill out the form. Form closes next Monday, 4/10.

<:PRIDEFCpack:1090702462425510048> **Reminder**: PRIDE FC Packs drop on . For details, check out the blog here: <https://blog.ufcstrike.com/posts/pride-fc-packs>

👉 We will post this upcoming week in review @here early next week!

<:1_:933748434849124453> For real time updates, stay tuned to the <#920377252120789085> and <#983781768823996554> channels.

💢 See you in the Octagon.