<:UFCStrike:933455015450906634> UFC Strike Fans @everyone

<:UFC286CollectionChallenge:1085988506314219571> In response to the UFC 286 Challenge Reward distribution issues, we have come up with a resolution to accommodate collectors that did not receive the correct amount of Yanal Ashmouz Fandom Moments.

> 👇 **We will be airdropping the following packs for EACH Yanal Ashmouz Fandom Moment collectors are missing:**
> ▫️ 209 Pack
> ▫️ Icons Pack

📝 **For example**: If you are missing 2 Yanal Ashmouz Reward Moments, you will receive 2 209 Packs and 2 Icons Packs. (4 Packs total)

<:209pack:964257796734484480> **209 Pack Details**:

<:icons:991838645151608972> **Icons Pack Details**:

🙏 We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and we appreciate your support and patience. @here

✅ Packs will be delivered by tomorrow, 4/4.