<:UFCStrike:933455015450906634> UFC Strike Fans, we hope @everyone enjoyed UFC San Antonio! Cory Sandhagen defeated Marlon Vera via split decision in the Main Event!

📝 Here is a quick recap of the last week:


▫️ **Tuesday**: The UFC 286 Collection Challenge finished up with a total of 836 completions.

▫️ **Wednesday**: The UFC 286 Collection Challenge vote concluded. Yanal Ashmouz’s KO vs Sam Patterson was voted to be the Fandom Reward Moment. Rewards will be delivered in the coming weeks.

▫️ **Wednesday**: The UFC Strike Corner Team application form was posted in the <#920377252120789085> channel – giving a small group of engaged collectors who are active in Discord the chance to help grow the UFC Strike community. Members will be announced in the coming weeks.

▫️ **Wednesday**: The UFC 286 Pick’em Winners were airdropped their Packs. To check out the raffle results, visit the #🗳️•pickem-giveaways channel.

▫️ **Wednesday**: The Holly Holm UFC Strike Signed Merch Giveaway was announced, and the Raffle winners will be announced later this week in the <#1080612330569728080> channel.

▫️ **Thursday**: The UFC San Antonio Collection Challenge was announced, giving collectors a chance to earn a Fandom Moment of Umar Nurmagomedov.

▫️ **Friday**: The PRIDE FC Pack Drop was announced. Packs drop on . For details, check out the blog here: <https://blog.ufcstrike.com/posts/pride-fc-packs>

▫️ **Saturday**: The forms to enter the UFC San Antonio Pick’em Contests were closed, and the Raffle winners were announced this week in the <#953414065210937394> channel.

▫️ **Saturday**: Twelve UFC Strike Fans from the Champion Club and their guests attended UFC San Antonio at the AT&T Center. Thank you to all who came out, and we hope you had a great time!

👉 We will post this upcoming week in review @here early next week!

<:1_:933748434849124453> For real time updates, stay tuned to the <#920377252120789085> and <#983781768823996554> channels.

💢 See you in the Octagon.