<:UFCStrike:933455015450906634> UFC Strike Fans! @everyone

<:PRIDEFCpackdrop:1088883572888322078> To celebrate the PRIDE FC Pack drop, we have worked with UFC to create a special playlist available on UFC Fight Pass to commemorate the pioneers of the sport!

<:ufcfightpass:1004570233962504212> **Watch all of the full fights from these epic moments on UFC Fight Pass**: https://ufcfightpass.com/playlist/14213/ufc-strike-pride-fc-

> ▫️ Mirko Cro Cop’s KO/TKO vs Wanderlei Silva
> ▫️ Wanderlei Silva’s KO/TKO vs Kazushi Sakuraba
> ▫️ Kevin Randleman’s KO vs Mirko Cro Cop
> ▫️ Don Frye’s win vs Ken Shamrock
> ▫️ Kazushi Sakuraba’s SUB vs Renzo Gracie
> ▫️ Anderson Silva’s KO/TKO vs Carlos Newton

👉 For more information about the UFC Strike PRIDE FC Pack Drop, visit the blog @here: <https://blog.ufcstrike.com/posts/pride-fc-packs>