<:UFCStrike:933455015450906634> UFC Strike Fans! We hope @everyone enjoyed the fights this weekend! The scheduled Main Event between Nikita Krylov and Ryan Spann was called off last-minute due to an unfortunate illness, but the UFC Vegas 70 card did not fail to deliver with Dana White handing out a total of 6 performance bonuses!

📝 Here is a quick recap of the last week:


▫️ **Tuesday**: The UFC 284 Pick’em Winners were airdropped their Series 1 Round One Packs. To check out the raffle results, visit the #🗳️•pickem-giveaways channel.

▫️ **Tuesday**: The Vegas 69 Challenges finished up; The Mackenzie Dern Burn Challenge ended with a total of 1,693 completions and over 5,000 Series 0 Contender Moments burned, and the UFC Vegas 69 Collection Challenge ended with a total of 750 completions.

▫️ **Thursday**: UFC Strike GM @Rob (Felendis) dropped into Discord with some big news – there will be a Pack Drop this Thursday (March 2nd), featuring none other than the legend, Jon Jones! For details, visit this link: https://discord.com/channels/920377252120789082/958483257433915402/1078406027004874752
> <:jonbones:1078037053310238840> Stay tuned to the <#920377252120789085> channel this week for the official Pack Drop announcement!

▫️ **Friday**: The Ciryl Gane Burn and the UFC Vegas 70 Collection Challenges were announced, giving collectors a chance to earn a Challenger Moment of Ciryl Gane, as well as a Fan-voted Fandom Moment from UFC Vegas 70. There is still time left to complete both Challenges! For more info about the Challenges, visit the Blog links below:
> <:CirylGaneBurnChallenge:1078810072605544599> <https://blog.ufcstrike.com/posts/cyril-gane-burn-challenge>
> <:UFCVegas70CollectionChallenge:1078808912553320458> <https://blog.ufcstrike.com/posts/ufc-vegas-70-collection-challenge>

▫️ **Friday**: The UFC Vegas 69 Challenge Rewards were distributed to collectors. To view the Mackenzie Dern Fandom or the Erin Blanchfield Challenger Moments, head over to the Marketplace or check out your NFT Page here: <https://ufcstrike.com/v2/marketplace>.

▫️ **Saturday**: The forms to enter the UFC Vegas 70 Pick’em Contests were closed, and the Raffle winners will be announced later this week in the <#953414065210937394> channel.
> <:hoodie:972655207806795857> The winner of the UFC Strike Hoodie Raffle will be announced later this week as well!

<:cc:989295577621729321> We can’t wait to see you all at the UFC Strike Champion Club Lounge this weekend in Las Vegas for UFC 285, and the return of Jon Jones! For any details/updates about this weekend’s Lounge, check out the <#1079541353702244493> channel. Feel free to tag @Alex | Community with any questions!

👉 We will post this upcoming week in review @here early next week!

<:1_:933748434849124453> For real time updates, stay tuned to the <#920377252120789085> and <#983781768823996554> channels.

💢 See you in the Octagon.