**Next Week’s Twitter Space is going to be one that you WILL NOT want to MISS!**

Because ***we are introducing our*** **POAP**! <:cute:1013504070729859152>
This is meant to be a “token of attendance” showing us that you came out to listen in to the Twitter Space series, and it’s a way to memorialize your participation here in the Space. 💗

We MAY have a bigger purpose for these POAPS! <:leafie:1013504513837121566>
||We will tell you more about that SOON!|| <:drop:1013504287340507136>

In the meantime you ARE going to want to COLLECT THEM
*We will share more details telling you exactly how you can, in the next few days! *
They **WILL BE LIMITED IN NUMBER** for each Weekly Space!
||And you may have to attend one space to get one from another <:tongue:1013504195816591390> ||

So @everyonego ahead and get your REMINDERS SET for next Wednesday’s Space and stay tuned for more details about the **CUTE COIN POAP**!