I hope @everyoneis having a great weekend! 💗

I know many community members got to enjoy the events in LA this past week and we can’t WAIT to see all of the photos and video from the Event!

In the meantime don’t forget that our Merch store is OPEN and orders needs to be completed within the next SIX DAYS before the shop shuts down!

This is separate from the Free Merch Claim- that is still in progress and we are just waiting on the Shipping logistics to be sorted **hopefully** this week- so that we can get these items shipped out to you and in everyone’s hands! <:cloud:1013504471650812014>

We do appreciate your patience as you wait on these items and your support during our 1st Edition Merch Launch!

And if you have PHOTOS OR VIDEOS from NFT LA- we would LOVE for you to share them!