Sup y’all!

Today marks another important milestone in the DuckGod journey, and the team at MegaVolt is extremely proud to announce and present the beginning of Phase Two!

In early March, we rolled out the initial phase of the experience – a video highlighting the overall lore of the SupDucks creation story and an opportunity for the community to visit the temple. Upon visiting the temple, users could solve a puzzle and mint a DuckGod Clave which grants holders the opportunity to proceed to the next phase.

Armed with your DuckGod Clave, you’re now able to make it past the temple gate and into the cave. In the cave you’ll find it dark and mysterious, but with the help of your trusty flashlight, you’ll be able to navigate your way through and onto the next step. Keep your eyes peeled though, you’ll need to pay close attention in order to complete the objective.

If you find your way out of the cave, you’ll be presented with a hint of what’s to come and it’s going to be epic!

Happy exploring!