**SUP SUP SUP!!** <:pepelove:949815414651764796> @everyone @Verified Ducks @Thicc @Frogluvahs

SupDucks is an incredible community and as we grow, we’re continuously discovering and implementing new ways to reward active supporters and holders for all they do 💯

We’re proud to announce that the SupDucks Rewards Program, powered by ***TRIBE*** is officially launching tomorrow!!

__**About Tribe:**__
Tribe is an NFT Engagement Platform that is powered by community with tools that help boost engagement and inspire content creation with customizable rewards!
Website: https://tribenft.co/

<:gold_reward:827627224290426880> __**Official SupDucks Rewards Program Website:**__ https://advocate.tribenft.co/supducks/

__**Mark Your Calenders:**__
Please join us and the Tribe team tomorrow, for a Twitter Spaces to celebrate the launch of our SupDucks Community Engagement Program!

We’ll discuss the program, how you can earn points, and the awesome rewards we have lined up! <:cheers:1071149578319040542>

<:Twitter:1045059373388550254> **Spaces Link:** https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ynKOaArQqzJR?s=20