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***Our friends at Freckle TV have gifted us 100 Gold Pass and 25 Forever Pass Allowlist Spots!***

__**Perkshop Links:**__
Gold Pass: https://perk.shop/supducks/freckle-tv-x-supducks-gold-pass-allowlist
Forever Pass: https://perk.shop/supducks/freckle-tv-x-supducks-forever-pass-allowlist

__**Project Overview:**__

Freckle TV is revolutionizing the entertainment industry as the world’s first interactive, gamified, rewards-backed, and brand-sponsored content and advertising platform. Setting a new standard as an industry-leading P2E web3 game show network, it is founded by Ian Feiner, a 5-time Emmy, Peabody, and Cannes Lion Award-winning content creator with extensive experience in the NFT and web3 community. Ian’s vision for Freckle TV focuses on gamification, brand integration, the future of advertising, and play-to-win ecosystems, aiming to create a rewards-based entertainment platform that values audience’s time and attention.

Season 1 of Freckle TV will introduce various platform enhancements, including new game shows, a true P2E economy, comprehensive user profiles, competitive matchmaking, collectibles, badges, game power-ups, earning and streak bonuses, large-scale live stream events, and a self-service prize marketplace featuring blue-chip NFTs and sponsored prizes. These features will contribute to Freckle TV’s appeal and help establish it as a go-to platform for P2E game shows.

Freckle TV has already attracted partnerships with notable brands like Disney, Draft Kings, Carnival Cruises, and Happy Dad. This success is positioning it as the ideal platform for collaborating with top web3 and NFT communities, as well as enticing global brand sponsors. Gold & Forever Pass holders will enjoy access to the Freckle TV ecosystem, with both collections launching simultaneously on Magic Eden’s ETH Launchpad and as featured collections on their upcoming ETH marketplace.

– Access to Freckle TVs entire P2E game show platform
– Access to daily trivia with earnings and streaking boosts
– Access to special prize pools–blue chips, experiences, and other high-value prizes
– Access to Freckle Collectible Packs–powerups, boosts, and additional utility
– Access to massive livestream events–high value prizes like vacations, UFC tickets, and more
– Access to unique user profiles with robust player stats and analytics
– Access to competitive matchmaking and wagering (For a detailed comparison of the utilities offered by each pass, please visit our website)

__**Brand Sponsors and Partners:**__
Hasbro, Bandai Collect, Razer Gaming, Diamond Select Collectibles, Iron Studios, Sideshow collectibles, Jarritos Soda, Manscaped, Draft Kings, Carnival Cruises, Culture Kings, RSVLTs, Stance Socks, Happy Dad/Full Send, eBay, Polygon, Upper Deck, FigPin, Arcade 1 Up, BPI Sports, Funko Pop Toys, Supreme, Quay Australia, Disney, Comic Con, and more

__**Season 1 Community Prize Partners:**__
Dead Fellaz, Kaiju Kings, Cryptoon Goonz, Aavegotchi, Feline Fiendz, Sup Ducks, Probably Nothing, Magic Eden, Polygon Gaming, 3Landers, The Doge Pound, Shellz Orb, Cyber Kongz, Smurfs Society, Kreepy Club, The Long Lost, Bones by Jarritos, and more

__**Project Links:**__
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreckleTrivia
Discord: http://discord.gg/freckle
Website: https://mint.freckle.live/
ME Forever Pass Launchpad: https://magiceden.io/launchpad/eth/freckle_tv_forever_pass
ME Gold Pass Launchpad: https://magiceden.io/launchpad/eth/freckle_tv_gold_pass