New KingFrog Crossing beta build is live on iOS and Android. This is a final release candidate. Pls go test and tag me with any feedback. If there aren’t any showstoppers will submit for review to go public in the app stores

Grab the latest versions of KingFrog Crossing 👇

Also, get ready for the Game On with Polygon event featuring KingFrog Crossing tomorrow. See the announcement above and join the IndiGG Discord to get access👇

<:IVoted:819687795375210536> Finally, check the <#1080904906640212129> channel for the latest news on the DAO treasury ETH migration vote and status on DAO member onboarding. Go vote! https://admin.daohaus.fun/#/molochV3/0x1/0xc975273092c1d41f5329bf677d62f6c36bba7608/proposals/102