January is nearly done, hope the new year is kicking off nicely for everyone. Here’s a couple updates from NFF 🤯

<:oscar_0003_Layer4:968632595241926707> **The M3DIA Show!** First week was a success! Join us next week we’ll have Paus.tv, All City, & Art House on **Jan 30th** followed by __Justin Waldron__ of Storyverse & the JUK3 team (*giveaway coming to you all soon!*) on **Feb 1st** 💪

**Pudgy Progress** Pre-Production is moving along nicely and will give the full updates in next EP townhall. Also, Luca swept 3 EP’s and became our newest @Studio Head !!

<:alex_0003_Layer3:968632560324325476> **MEME Contest Refresh** I few of you have been asking for an (long overdue) update on this. TLDR, it was kicked off during a period of transition and was lost in the shuffle. The main goal was to get a lot of Twitter activity for OH/NFF, so we’ll be refreshing that contest. Details will be announced next week on what that will be <:salute:1027603449132613632>

<:xeebafontOcap:998617920324243526> **Oscar Haley Wave 2** We still have plans for the Wave 2 mint and are workshopping best ways to reward Wave 1 holders for believing in NFF during a terrible market when that was released

<:alex_0000_Layer7:968538126094065724> **Survey Winner ** THANK YOU ALL for filling out the community survey, truly appreciate that. I’ll be doing a debrief of all the responses. We were giving away a Monster Xeeba and huge shoutout and congrats to @Studio Head @reechard for the securing the **W** 🙌

🎟️ Remember to join the weekly games we have to get your @Raffle Ticket role and be entered into the monthly drawing. **Next one is on Feb 10th!**

👉 Twisted Titles & AI Puzzles hosted by @Moose every Tuesday & Thursday at 6pm PST
👉 Poker hosted by @spiderbink every Sunday at 9am PST
👉 Smash Kart with @Oniel on Friday & Saturday at 6pm PST
👉 Rumbles throughout the day ⚔️

Cheers @everyone