We had a great townhall discussion last week and @Doc | ɴғғ even spruced up the recording and turned it into a video You can watch/listen to the recap here: https://www.veed.io/view/9b37559b-3e21-4473-9f48-08be9e813f8c?panel=share

I would highly suggest listening to the video, as @CameronMoulene always says it best, but here are some key highlights:

__Oscar Haley__
👉 We will not be having a Wave 2 mint, rather we will allow OH holders to claim another OH NFT in a 1:1 ratio. So if you own 2, you’ll be able to get 2 more. This will likely be done via an airdrop but still TBD. Cam explains why we’re going about it this way very nicely in the Townhall

__Streamer Build__
👉 We’ve submitted our proposal to the Apecoin DAO to develop our own streaming platform (think Twitch) that is built with web3 tech from the ground up. It will also incorporate channels that are streaming 24/7 – like Tubi – that are ad-supported and we will split that revenue between the platform, creator, and the viewer. The proposal is in the DRAFT phase and will soon be LIVE for voting. We partnered with the tech powerhouse AE studios to help execute this.

__Generative Dungeon x Oscar Haley Incoming!!__
👉 We partnered with Generative Dungeon to integrate an Oscar Haley Avatar into the fully-playable Generative Dungeon NFTs!

Our OH & C&C holders can connect their wallets and play with the Oscar Haley Avatar in our newly acquired Dungeons or any unlocked Dungeon. We are doing some custom editing of our Dungeons! So get ready at a chance to earn some raffle tickets and cool prizes from Generative Dungeon as we roll out weekly quests.

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Preview below 👀