**TGIF @everyone**

Quick little update before everyone logs off for a great weekend!

@CameronMoulene will be hosting a townhall next week! We’re looking to do one for __all__ holders and one for just the @Executive Producer holders. We are currently soft circling __**Tuesday**__ either sometime AM or PM Pacific. Will lock in the time this weekend and create an Event for Discord.

Also, the monthly raffle will take place on and it will be done via a giveaway bot in <#969851142391615558> for those with the @Raffle Ticket 🎟️ role. I’ll tag the ticket holders once posted and make sure to enter before Wednesday for a chance to win.

There will be 3 prizes:
1st: Xeeba NFT,
2nd: OH NFT
3rd: C&C Pass

Cheers to a great weekend!