Gm MovieShots Community, hope you are well!
Thanks for your constant support! It means a lot to us!

To celebrate our presence in New York, we are granting a temporary discount on our Genesis Collection.

🎉 **Reduced Minting Price for a Limited Time!** 🎉

__Until April 17, you can grab Run Lola Run MovieShots with a 20% off price of 0.055 ETH (instead of 0.069 ETH).__

More than 90% of all Run Lola Run NFTs have already been minted!

Moreover, the widely acclaimed casino scenes are in close proximity, adding to the excitement. <:poker:1013944230554648646> <:poker:938645672696094760>

Mint link: 👇

**MovieShot Giveaway coming

Additionally, for those who are already holders of Run Lola Run NFTs, we have an exciting giveaway!

This epic Run Lola Run MovieShots (#1201) will be raffled among the Run Lola Run – MovieShots holders.

More infos at <#920639686001713174> !

Hope to see many of you in New York! 🗽