Hi @everyone we’ve got a packed week for community events and I want to give everyone a heads-up:

**Learning with Peter Mohrbacher**
– Renowned digital artist Peter Mohrbacher will be doing a weekly event on Tuesdays for the next month.
– He’s going to be talking about basics of digital painting, artistic workflows, industry and taking Q&As

Invite Link: https://discord.com/events/662267976984297473/1076104642661982329

**Creation Party with Grimes**
– Let’s do a big group visual brainstorming with Singer/Songerwiter Grimes!

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/midjourney?event=1077351713087967232

**San Francisco Community Meetup**
– From 3pm to 11pm on Sunday we’ll be renting out “The Interval” in San Francisco
(a coffeshop/teahouse/bar/museum dedicated to “imagination at the timescale of civilization”)

**Please RSVP** within a 3-hour timeslot to make sure there’s space for everyone:
3-6pm Slot: https://partiful.com/e/BS0WFAeIE6a8orF7wRGu
6:30 – 8:30pm Slot: https://partiful.com/e/d2N857BEqBGWkZddy7Mn
8:30 – 11pm Slot: https://partiful.com/e/mDnPt5LRRHcTPB3uuQOJ

Event Link: https://discord.com/events/662267976984297473/1076106186220372029

**Weekly office hours**
– Every week we sit down and talk about our roadmap, updates and current thinking (first 30 minutes), then we spend several hours doing open Q&A for all the members of the community

Invite Link: https://discord.com/events/662267976984297473/1075508306761752636

We hope you enjoy this busy week of activities. More physical meetups will be coming at locations around the world in over coming months. Feel free to give us <#989270517401911316> as always. Thanks! ❤️