Heya @everyone three quick updates today:

**#1 New billing support email**
If you have a billing issue you can now email `billing@midjourney.com` and we have a dedicated support staff which will email you back and try to help you. Right now it might take 3-5 days to get to you but it should get to 48 hours within 1-2 weeks (as the new team gets fully online).

**#2 New NijiJourney Style**
We added a new style to Nijijourney (our anime themed Midjourney model), this style is called ‘scenic’ and is meant for beautiful backgrounds and characters in beautiful environments.

To use it first enable Niji v5 under with “/settings“ and then choose your style with “–style scenic“.

As always you can share your niji images under <#1054958023698825266>

**#3 New moderation alpha incoming**
In the next 2 days we will be deploy a short (4 to 24 hour) test of our next-generation moderation system.

The test will apply to V5 prompts/images. It will no longer rely on blocked words and should be MUCH smarter about passing through safe prompts.

The benchmarks and internal testing we’ve done looks very good, but we need a ‘full scale’ test to make sure we didn’t miss major problems. More details will be released when the test begins.