⚠️ @mortals , be wary of scams! ⚠️

There is a “DeFi/money making bot” scam which entices users into installing malicious code while setting up a “trading bot”

Installing this code enables the malicious actor to drain your wallet.

A bot network is targeting all GU Twitter posts (and other crypto projects) alluding to a “money making trading bot”🚩🚩

This links back to a profile with a pinned tweet including a link to a YouTube video explaining in detail what you need to do and how to configure the code

🚨 BEWARE: installing this code gives the malicious actor access to your wallet funds

Tips on how to stay safe:
✅ ALWAYS exercise caution and verify before clicking links or entering information
✅ ALWAYS check the veracity of messages that you receive
✅ GU staff will RARELY email or DM you, and if we do it will be from an easily verifiable domain or account

At GU we want all our users to stay safe and be on the lookout for the latest scams. Here’s a blog post that digs into the types of crypto scams out there:

🔮 http://playgu.co/staysafe

Stay tuned for an additional support blog post coming soon and STAY SAFE Mortals! 🙏