Hey @mortals,

In developing the Band Of The Wolf crafting mechanic using The Forge, we uncovered the challenge of our data structure being unable to determine whether the mint is from the Forge or through opening packs.

***What this means:***
⭐ In addition to crafting through the Forge, Domain Legendaries can potentially be minted through purchasing eligible card packs. If you purchase eligible card packs and get a shiny card required for the recipe, you will also receive one of the Domain Legendaries that was initially intended only to be available through crafting. Eligible card packs include Booster, Shiny or Super Shiny Packs. That said, opting to craft the Legendaries may still remain a more cost-efficient approach.

***What action we’re taking:***
⭐ We are taking this as a learning, and we’re intending to adapt the mechanics for the second event with a view in ensuring that the goal will be more rewarding and challenging to meet.