✨ It’s time to answer the age-old question: Wen Etherbots? LATER TODAY!!! ✨

If you’re an eligible Etherbot parts holder, link your wallet to Immutable X and wait! You’ll have them in your possession by the end of the week!

We’re beginning the distribution of these newly-minted NFTs on 9th March, Thursday PST and the whole process should take a couple of hours only!

Next steps: Check this list of eligible Etherbot part wallet addresses to verify you’re on it. If not, flag it to our Customer Support team who’s on standby. List – https://playgu.co/EBwallets

The Etherbot snapshot was taken ~ a week ago. All transactions before ethereum block 16731638 will not be counted for the etherbots card distribution.

Thank you so much for being so patient!