Howdy @mortals ,
Our mobile pre-alpha test build is almost here! Here’s everything you need to know.

**Early access preview:**
⭐ 4-week testing window: 24 February – 22 March AET
⭐ Closed testing: Collecting feedback from a small valuable group.

✅ 24 February – Mount Olympus and Council of Mortals
✅ 28 February – Our most active, loyal fans aka people who played this month!

**What to expect:**
⭐ *Gameplay parity with the desktop build:* Use your existing GU account to play – all your matches will be counted, and you’ll see them reflected on desktop.
⭐ *A focus on core gameplay*: For this pre-alpha build, you’ll need to use PC to access the Forge, Star Store, deck building, pack opening, or tutorials.
⭐ *Android only: *This build supports the Pixel Series, Samsung S8 and above. In future test builds, we aim to expand support to more devices (including iOS!).
⭐ *Bugs: *It wouldn’t be a pre-alpha test if we had nothing to test! We’ll share a list of known bugs on the mobile channel in Discord.

**Download Instructions: **
If you’re part of Council of Mortals or Mount Olympus, you can use the game APK link shared there and follow these download instructions ( to install the app on your Android device and begin playing today!

If you’ve been playing this month, check out your inbox on 28th February at 10 am AET. You’ll receive the game APK link and can use the instructions mentioned here or in the email itself to install the app.
We’ll release a new update with improvements based on your feedback each week too. Keep an eye out for more updates in your inbox!

More information:
⭐ Trouble installing the game? Watch our video demo guide. (
⭐ Got suggestions or inputs? Tell us in this feedback form. (
⭐ Contact the dev team by joining the <#1077655757467684954> Discord channel.
⭐ Read this blog post ( or the FAQ & Support Guide ( for additional information.

This pre-alpha release is just the beginning for mobile.
Big things are yet to come!