**Hay Glue Gang **

Our *very special* merch bundle has landed!

Holders who took part in our ***Market Research Survey*** can now trot thru to the link below and redeem a free + postage merch pack.

<:Excite:1025820766916325466> SHOP LINK:

Here’s what you’re getting:
<:Skelly:933187163674263583> Skelly Cord Hat in Black
<:Skelly:933187163674263583> Skelly Enamel Pin
<:Smug:1025820776978456699> Everything Is Totally Normal Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

**Wen?** You’ve got **6 weeks** to redeem your merch (from today) – and this limited drop is just for the folks who have been an important part of our Glue Community DNA.

**Want to know if you’re eligible?** Check your wallets (and your hidden folder) for the Community Super Glue NFT:

**Unsure how to claim your merch?** We’ve dropped a step-by-step guide to merch redemption in <#1011302014753439865>

You will need to connect your wallet to the site so please always ensure you are interaction ONLY with the official site. This is the full URL:

I just ordered mine this morning and I can neigh wait to get my hooves on the goods!