**Decentraland Foundation Quarterly Update: Q1 2023 📣 **

Q1 of 2023 was one of the Foundation’s most productive quarters since Decentraland’s 2020 launch and work is steaming ahead for Q2 – read all about it in our Quarterly Update. 📰

Decentraland is continually building as a platform that gets better every day and the projects being worked on now, such as the SDK 7 & Editor plus the continued growth of Worlds are big game changers.

The Foundation is, as always, strongly committed to making Decentraland the best it can be while supporting you, the DCL community, to achieve great things together. We can’t wait to share more about the new features we’re working on for you!

Thank you @everyone for your continued support and engagement—stay tuned for more exciting developments in the near future, and thank you for being part of the vibrant Decentraland community! 🫶🏼

All of the details: