@everyone Greetings, minions of the underworld!

Are you ready to feast your demonic eyes on something truly epic? Brace yourselves, because tomorrow we will unleash a new animated short story that will shake the very foundations of the underworld.

Tomorrow’s creation is a masterpiece of fear and delight that will leave you breathless, quivering with excitement.

We want every one of you to spread the word far and wide. Share, comment, like, and make sure everyone knows that something devilishly good is coming their way (https://twitter.com/DeadHeadsNFT/status/1626315476216455168?s=20). We want to see the underworld quake with anticipation.

So buckle up, my infernal comrades, the next episode drops at , with the Show Room opening just 5 minutes after.

Oh, and did I mention there are 12+ of your DeadHeads featured in this short? AND its being voiced by your very own @0xBen.nft and his SON?! FKN ADORABLE.

Stay tuned <:middle_fingerp:857291194803683329>