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🏈 **__Announcing__: Playoff Marketplace** 🏈

Important Note for all Playoff Pick ‘Em players❗

🏆 **Playoff Pick ‘Em Leaderboard rankings** will be finalized by the **end of next week**. We’ll need a few days to process data and organize ranks for any potential ties. The Super Bowl final score will be used as a tiebreaker, then any remaining ties will be resolved through randomized drawings.

🛒 After rankings are finalized, we’ll alert the community and open the **Playoff Pick ‘Em Marketplace** for 1 week! Players will be able to buy/list their Playoff tokens (which can be redeemed for corresponding prizes) until the window closes.

🎁 Once the marketplace closes, the **Top 1,000 ranked players** will receive their prize emails. Be sure to follow each redemption step carefully. We’re excited to get these awesome prizes out! ​

Be on the lookout for more updates next week. <:CHEERS:1029426264802603098>