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Where do you stack up?

To see how you did this postseason, head to https://fandom.budlight.com/collection and find your Rank underneath your Playoff Can!​

**Rank 1-5**: NFL Draft VIP Package
**Rank 6-55**: $300 NFLShop.com gift card
**Rank 56-155**: 5-Star NFL All Day Pack
**Rank 156-455**: $40 [ShopBeerGear.com](https://www.shopbeergear.com/collections/bud-light/?utm_source=social_organic&utm_medium=discord&utm_campaign=bdl_discord&utm_content=bdl_discord_gen_collection&utm_brand=Bud_Light) gift card
**Rank 456-100**: $20 [ShopBeerGear.com](https://www.shopbeergear.com/collections/bud-light/?utm_source=social_organic&utm_medium=discord&utm_campaign=bdl_discord&utm_content=bdl_discord_gen_collection&utm_brand=Bud_Light) gift card

**Our [Playoff Pick ‘Em Marketplace](https://fandom.budlight.com/marketplace) is also LIVE!** You have until late next week to buy or list a Playoff Can. Once the Marketplace closes on 02/23 at 11:59pm ET, we’ll be reaching out to our eligible winners via email.

**__Important Notes__: **

1️⃣ Holders are only eligible for **1 prize**! You will not receive multiple prizes if you hold multiple Playoff Cans.
2️⃣ The Top 5 Grand Prize token holders will have to fill out an affidavit, COVID release, and tax paperwork. A background check will also be conducted on the winners and their guests.​
3️⃣ You must hold your Playoff Can until we reach out to winners next week in order to be eligible for a prize.

You can start listing and shopping now ⤵️