__**Re: [Origins] New Offers Feature and Interaction with “Axie Juggling”**__

As previously stated, the Community Protection team will not be issuing any Axie juggling bans this season in order to continue monitoring the decay system and its role in this behavior.

While this remains true, we have closely examined the behavior of the new “Offers” feature and its effects, and we have decided to implement the same 24-hour cooldown in Origins that gifted Axies experience. Here is a recap of how this will look:

+ Gifted Axies have a 24-hour cooldown in Origins (as previously existed)
+ Axies purchased via the marketplace (excluding offers) have no cooldown and can be used immediately in Origins (as previously existed)
+ **Axies purchased via offers will have a 24-hour cooldown in Origins (newly implemented)**

This change will take effect shortly.