**New Thing!**

Starting today, every Friday we’ll hold an AF weekly standup!

For those who are unfamiliar with this term, a standup is a brief update on what we’re working on. This is an excellent way to stay on top of all things AF!

🔹 **TW (This Week):** We’ve been heads down developing the Adult Fantasy TTRPG. We began work on gathering elements for the first RPG campaign as well as organized class types and archetypes for the rules playbook. We spent part of the week prepping for NFT.NYC and have been working on the wireframes/plan for Web3Comicon. Flint completed a first draft review on the Blood and Metal novel, continued work on our backend redesign, and continued work on some bug fixes for the NFT player. Melissa did all things crypto taxes (blah).

🔹 **NW (Next Week):** Next week is more AF RPG & Web3Comicon. This is a big project, so we need to jump in to the code now! Mel will begin figuring out the site stuff needed for Web3Comicon, and Flint’s prepping for new AF case form factors.

🔹 **HN (Help Now):** Nothing immediate.

🔹 **Mood (Emoji or Text):** Feeling pretty good. Having a nice relaxing Friday workday (which is much needed)!