There is a new KittyKart update available for download! The update is live for both the KittyKart launcher and the Elixir platform. If you already have our launcher installed, all you have to do is open it and select “update.” If you installed the game on Elixir, then simply go to your library and you will see a prompt to update KittyKart.

If you don’t have either installed, head over to https://kittyinu.com/ or https://launcher.elixir.app/games/kitty-kart to download and play!

<:Pepecorn3:917802391338876949> **You will need to have this update installed in order to participate in Wednesday’s special KittyKart x Crypto Unicorns Stream & Chill Event. **<:Pepecorn3:917802391338876949>

**Patch notes:** We asked @ToniGG, our game designer, what this update is for and he said, *”just some minor ‘bug’ fixes”*

………………probably nothing right, @everyone?