🏎️ 🏁 KittyKart Stream & Chill Event 🏁 🏎️

This week will continue with the new prize pool distribution 👀

There will be a speed race during the session. The top 3 racers will be entered into a live draw, where one will win $10 USDC 👍
(I’m keeping a log of winners each week. Only one prize per Discord profile allowed, so over a few weeks, it should open up to those further down the tables 🔥)

The second prize is $10 USDC for one lucky person who shares their screen during at least one race!

Race with a Genesis Kart for double the chance of scooping the raffle prize! You can still grab one on Opensea if you want!

Come practice your skills with some epic kommunity racing! Speed racing, full track racing and bounty races… We do them all!

For the bounty race, catch me if you can and each kill will earn you 250 XP! If I make it through the first lap unscathed, I get 500 XP! Fancy running the gauntlet yourself, then the rules are the bounty has to complete full laps/no shortcuts. Everyone else can take shortcuts to help get the kills!!

Can you make it through tornado alley and dodge the basher duo? 👀🌪️🪨

Need some help setting it all up? No problem, I can talk you through it.

🗓️ Wen: Displays in your timezone!

🗺️ Where? Our discord voice-chat!

👀 Come spectate and cheer us on from the sidelines and receive 150xp!

@everyone of all skills and abilities are welcome.

If you haven’t yet, head over to Kittyinu.com or launcher.elixir.app/games/kitty-kart to download the game!

Which Kart/Racer combo will you choose?