You can now view the draft DAO Bylaws here
👉 <#1097885895203491890>

This is a read only channel and with a huge emphasis that this is still in**DRAFT** format.

Here you’ll be able to read the outlines of the DAO’s structure, governance, and key guidelines.

As this is still a **DRAFT,** it is subject to a vote by participating members. More info on this to come shortly.

Make sure to carefully review the text within <#1097885895203491890> and take a look at the PDF file attached at the bottom of the channel.

If you have any thoughts or questions, then feel free to post these into <#1047230932928704583>

And as a reminder, you awesome interim DAO committee members are:

@Tipu Medici

The interim committee members are all working hard behind the scenes to get the DAO fully up and running where one of the main tasks for DAO is to support any ongoing CEX discussions or initiate any new ones that may be required or deemed necessary.

A lot of exciting things are in the pipeline from DAO developments, game developments and partnership developments (can I say developments any more times?)

Thanks to all our community for all your patience and support so far!

N.B A special hugest thank you to @Rygel who also played an integral role pulling the first iterations of the DAO Bylaws draft together and leading the vote for election of interim DAO committee member.